Who we are

Milton Miller, American author and consultant, has been a public speaker and coach in the areas of self-development and persuasion since 2006. He’s been a guest speaker in severals seminars about dating, social dynamics and self confidence. He has given numerous talks on radio shows, and in schools and private events about self-development. In 2014 he published his own system called "Natural Seduction" and has been teaching and promoting it in America and Europe. He has also been doing private coaching for more than 5 years.

Endorsement by Joshua Pellicer

One of the worlds most successful coaches, Joshua Pellicer is the author of The Tao of Badass.

The Natural Seduction method for men

In our seminar you will learn to attract women in ways you never thought possible! Not necessarily by going out to clubs and approaching women, although we will talk about that as well, and not by learning openers. This is about getting women to approach you.

We wrote this program for men who consider themselves shy, introverts, and judgers. These are the men least likely to adopt and succeed at the “traditional” pick up techniques and methods.

Most other systems of seduction or social dynamics, and even most traditional “dating" advice, require that you do things that are not part of your natural behavior. They make you memorize openings, pick up lines, or patterns of communication that you do not use in regular daily life. In some cases they suggest that you dress in certain ways, change how you present yourself, and behave artificially on your “dates”. We believe this is a mistake. You should learn methods and techniques only in order to make them part of who you are at all times. You have to become more attractive with your mindset and knowledge, then act naturally around women and they will be attracted to you. Not because you are acting or behaving in a way that is artificial for you.

Will this method work for you?

Any system will work for you if you keep trying long enough. But some systems will work faster than others. Some systems are more suited to your specific personality type. There are some characteristics that we can use as indicators of how well this system fits you. We inform you about what to focus on based on the different personality types and help you choose where to focus your efforts. As a man who is interested in improving the quality of your life, you probably have a goal in mind. Maybe you just want to attract beautiful women. Maybe you want to find your future spouse. Maybe you want to meet lots of people. Maybe you simply want to learn how to relate to people more effectively. Regardless of what your intentions are right now, we can tell you that as soon as you learn the skills in this program, you're going to see improvements in every area of your life that involves social interaction.